Mineral Extractionism (continued)

Mineral Resources in Brazil

Taking into account the supply of mineral resources that Brazil has, there are several products with important representation for the country.

One of them is the iron, whose Brazilian reserve represents the sixth largest in the world and with high quality. Minas Gerais is the major ore producing state in the region of Iron Quadrangle (region located in the south-central state of Minas Gerais, which is the largest national producer of iron ore.

About 60% of all national production leaves the region. It has an area of ​​approximately 7 thousand square kilometers and covers the municipalities of Sabará, Santa Barbara, Mariana, Congonhas, Ouro Preto, João Monlevade, Rio Piracicaba, Itaúna and Itabira, among others. In addition to iron ore, they are also extracted from the Gold and Manganese Iron Quadrangle).

Iron ore

Despite having only 1% of the world's reserves, the manganese It is a product that has grown in the national export agenda. This ore is widely used in steel mills for steel production.


Brazil occupies a good position in the world production of aluminum and has a high product recycling rate.


In the states of Amazonas and Rondônia, are located the main areas of production of tin, ore also used in the composition of steel in industries.

Metallic tin cube

In the states of Bahia and Pará, the production of copper In the country, however, there is not enough natural resources, being necessary the importation.


In Brazil, the gold It is found in deposits and in the form of alluvium, serving the domestic and foreign markets. It is true that the amount of such ore produced in Brazil is much higher than has been recorded due to illegal extraction.


The states of Minas Gerais, Amazonas and Goiás are the producers of niobium in Brazil. This mineral is widely used in the aeronautical, naval, space and automotive industries, as it is used in alloys that offer strength and lightness.


Brazil has almost all the world production / extraction of quartz in the natural state. This ore is widely used in the computer industry and also in electronics.


Brazil, because it has a very long coastline, enjoys a large production of sea ​​salt, and the state of Rio Grande do Norte is the largest producer.


Explanatory illustration salt extraction / production

Brazil has low extraction of leadthus requiring the material to be imported from other countries.


In addition to all of these natural resources available for export, mineral extraction in Brazil also deserves special mention for cement, kaolin, diamond, sulfur, magnesite, nickel and tungsten.

Mineral extractivism is also called mining. Click here to learn more about Brazil's worldwide position in mineral exploration.

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